Meet Kavitha of Kalalayaa Art Store


kavitha1Visit her online studio at

Where were you born and raised?

I am born and brought up in Chennai

Tells us more about your family?

I am the only daughter of my parents,My dad is in the television industry and mom is a house wife.

Describe your business and website?

Well,I actually started with an art school where I teach all types of arts and crafts.Now I am into more of paper crafting. I sell my cards and card-making supplies through my blog:


How did you get started in your business?

To be frank,it was just an accident.After my college I joined a hobby art class where the teach different kind of art works. Inspired by that I thought of starting my own classes,at the same time a house in my flat got vacated, and I immediately took that for rent and started my classes. All thanks to my dad who believed in me,and invested so much for me:)

How did you decide on a business name?

Again it’s my father’s decision,it was just spontaneous,but it has a meaning called temple of art, so I said ok :).

Do you have any future plans for your business?

Definitely. I am planning (dreaming) of having my own art gallery either online or as a physical store.

What craft mediums do you work with and what are your most favorites?

I work with almost all mediums likes oils, fabric, glass, clay etc. My favorite is murals and paper crafts.


What or who inspires you?

Colors inspires me lot than designs,i decide a project based on a color scheme n of course internet is a great inspiration ever for any form of art.


Do you have a work room or studio?

Yes, I have a small work room. Having a well organized studio is a dream :).

Where do you sell your work or designs?

It’s the most toughest thing, especially in India, but now with the help of internet and Facebook it’s easy to publicize yourself. I try to sell my works through online exhibitions, etc.


Do you participate in any shows or special events?

Yes, I do.


Thank you for your valuable time, we know our readers will be so pleased to meet you.

Thanks to every one who read this interview and special thanks to Madhavi for this opportunity :).

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