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2067What is Knife Painting?
If you get bored painting with brushes, try a Knife instead.

Knife Painting is painting using Knives. Painting with a knife produces quite different results than a brush. Painting knives are excellent for producing textured, impasto work and sweeping areas of flat color as well as tiny shapes of color.

Difference between a Painting Knife and a Palette Knife?

There is a difference between a painting knife and a palette knife, many people use the terms interchangeably.

A palette knife is a long, straight blade or spatula that is used for mixing paints and scraping a palette clean, not for applying paint onto a canvas. A palette knife can be made from metal, plastic, or wood and will either be completely straight or have a slightly cranked (bent) handle.
Whereas a painting knife is most commonly made from metal with a wood handle, and has a large crank or bends in the handle, which takes your hand away from the painting surface and helps keep your knuckles out of the wet paint you’ve just applied. Painting knives come in numerous shapes (for example pear-, diamond-, or trowel-shaped) and are used for painting instead of a brush. There is, of course, nothing stopping you from using a painting knife for mixing paint on your palette.
What are the types of Painting Knifes available?

2031  M    M   Different shaped painting knives obviously produce different effects. For example, a short blade produces angular strokes while a long blade makes it easy to put down sweeps of color. A painting knife with a rounded blade means you’re unlikely to ever accidentally scrape a hole into a canvas, but a you won’t be able to scratch into the paint as effectively for sgraffito effects.

What Paints can be used?


A painting knife can be used with any paint (including watercolor!), but is particularly effective with paint that’s got a relatively stiff consistency to it, that retains its form and the marks you’re making with the knife. If you’re using acrylics, you can add texture paste to thicken up the paint.

How to clean your Painting Knife?
Its very easy, just wipe any excess paint off with a cloth and then wipe with a clean cloth. Usually that’s all needed to clean a painting knife.
How to go about Painting using Palette Knife?
Things you need?
A Palette Knife
Oil/ Acrylic Paints with medium

Hold your knife the same way you should hold a painting brush.
Hold the knife so it rests atop the inside of all four fingers – not like a pencil.
Glob the paint on the pre treated canvas and star pushing it around.
Get a feel for what the different surfaces including the edges of the paint knife can do.
Simply wipe your knives clean with a good, lint-free rag.
Allow sometime for the paint to dry completely. Then varnish the painting.

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